Nature Photography | Close to Home

I’ve spent most of the summer close to home, so I’ve been photographing mainly objects around our yard. Some people might find it a challenge, but there is beauty all around us, you just have to see it. Try it for yourself. Walk around your yard, or neighbourhood and really look. Take your time, get close to the ground, look up, see things from different angles. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll find.

I started in the spring with the few tulips that still come up in our garden after 19 years.



Various stages of daisies in bloom.



A few simple drops of water on some foliage.



These were some weeds growing in between the bricks in our driveway.




Purple coneflower buds starting to open.



Another weed from our driveway.


All of these images are available to purchase as prints in my Etsy shop.

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Fine Art Photography | Changes

In case you haven’t noticed, there have been a few changes around here. The website has a new look, I’ve added a “shop” section, there are new galleries for nature, fine art, and scenery, and a logo is now at the bottom of the home page. That logo is for The Professional Photographers of Canada, an organization I joined earlier this year. I am now nationally accredited in nature photography, an accomplishment of which I’m very proud.

I took some time off after dealing with some family issues, one of which was the passing of my mother in February. During that time, I reevaluated my business and decided I was going to shift my focus from portraits, to nature and fine art photography. Although I will be still doing a limited number of portrait sessions, my passion is in creating art from the nature that surrounds us.

With that, I’m happy to announce the opening of my Etsy Shop, BGFineArt, where you will be able to purchase fine art prints and canvases. You can access my shop through this link, or by clicking on the “Shop” option in the main menu of this site.

For the month of July, 2015 receive FREE SHIPPING in Canada, as well as a 10% discount by entering the code GRANDOPEN10 at checkout. Happy shopping!


Woodgrain Promo Card

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Brooklin Photographer | My New Office!

After years of working on the couch and having my supplies, props, and paperwork stuffed into every corner of the house, I finally have a space of my own. Our spare room is now my very own office! Having been a guest room for many years, this space had turned into a junk room of late. I did a big purge and donated many boxes and bags to The Children’s Wish Foundation, who just happened to call at the right time for a pick up. It’s a tiny room, but I can’t believe how big it seems now, and it’s so bright with 4 windows surrounding my desk. I can’t help but be in a good mood when I walk into this room.


Brooklin Photographer ©


Here are all the details on the room, in case you have any questions:

The paint colour is Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper, it’s a soft, pretty blue.

The desk is an old Ikea kitchen table that I painted white with Van Gogh fossil paint I purchased at Mango Reclaimed here in Whitby. I also painted the chair, and one of my prop chairs with the same paint.

Believe it or not, the inspirational quote canvas was purchased online at Walmart. Yep, Walmart.

I got the potted plant at our local florist in town, Brooklin Floral Shop.

I love, love, love the picture ledges from Ikea! I won’t take credit for this idea, I saw another photographer use them in her office and I thought it was genius. I’ll be adding photos to the ledge as the budget allows.

The little bookcase is also from Ikea, it’s the familiar Billy model.

I used a double towel bar from Ikea to hang the tissue paper I use to pack my orders for my clients, and a couple of wall hooks from Home Depot to hang my product bags.



Brooklin Photographer ©


I got my cute little paperweight from SJ Engraving on Etsy. I didn’t even buy it, it was a surprise gift with the purchase of another item.

The frames are Ribba frames from Ikea. I LOVE them!!

The paper pompoms were purchased on Etsy from Pomtree. I use them as props at Christmas and Valentine’s.

Finally, the Martha Stewart cube storage units are available at Home Depot. I used 2 of them next to each other.

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Brooklin Children’s Photographer | Hello Summer

I love our town. There are so many little pieces of nature tucked away behind the subdivisions. So far I’ve found 3 great locations for photos, all within walking distance of my house. If you’ve read the “About” section up there, you’ll know I have an aversion to driving, so find a location I can walk to is a big plus for me.

My latest discovery is a set of trails on the east side of town. Such a great place for a stroll, for kids to ride their bikes, or for a photo session. The light there is perfect, there’s just the right amount of shade and sun…and there’s bridge. We all know how much photographers like bridges 😉  I took my daughter there last week for a test shoot. The best part was that there were no bugs, and because of that my daughter was happy and did pretty much whatever I asked of her. It was a perfect summer night.


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